Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment
Quantum Tech HD
Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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  • Dũng tóc xoăn vlogs
    Dũng tóc xoăn vlogs

    Kiệt tác đẹp thơ mộng

  • raymiebarnes71

    Absolutely amazing what one can accomplish with today's electric power Tools.

  • กําว่าเหล้า อู้เบาๆก่อไค้ฮาก
    กําว่าเหล้า อู้เบาๆก่อไค้ฮาก

    ถ้าเป็นประเทศไทยโดนจับติดคุกหัวโต ไม่เหมือนต่างประเทศ

  • David R
    David R


  • 배영삼


  • 한지혜

    자연을 저렇게 훼손해도 되나?? 나라에서 허가를 해줌??

  • maher47 raffiqy
    maher47 raffiqy

    Its amazing man..

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker

    Some people are amazing!

  • Природа / Nature Relaxing Sounds
    Природа / Nature Relaxing Sounds

    АХАХАХАХАХХА!!!!This man is literally playing real-life Minecraft. Fucking legend!!!

  • Silvia Maria hoffmann Hofmann
    Silvia Maria hoffmann Hofmann

    Lindo parabéns maravilhosa

  • Dr.Vijayan Raju
    Dr.Vijayan Raju

    He has created new real-estate space which never existed by creating a hole in the existing stone

  • leighmossien2009

    Nice :)

  • Aris Dian
    Aris Dian

    Bukan milik dia dan dia gak punya hak

  • Aris Dian
    Aris Dian

    Emang gak papa itu kan bukan tanahnya

  • Evan Yates
    Evan Yates

    Mad respect

  • Not Important
    Not Important

    looks like clay more than rocky material

  • James Clark
    James Clark

    Once he gets a wife and children he can just dig out new rooms.

  • Florin Muntean
    Florin Muntean

    Bravooo 👏👏 very nice !!

  • Χρηστος Ατσαλης
    Χρηστος Ατσαλης

    This tool which made the for stones or for concrete????

  • teng 3.2 tv
    teng 3.2 tv

    Hindi tama yn kapag lumindol pwd ka matabonan gn ng bohay

  • ironwolfF1

    Well, that's one home the local authorities won't be able to bulldoze flat... good on Mr. Tiger. 👍

  • American Book Dragon
    American Book Dragon

    Brings a new definition to "man cave."

  • 료마리

    캬 제대로 자연파괴네

  • ghdj h8r
    ghdj h8r

    자연을 소중히하자

  • Berg Moreira
    Berg Moreira

    Ótimo trabalho 🇧🇷

  • Наталья Соловьёва
    Наталья Соловьёва

    Доступное жильё! Скоро все уйдём в горы жить! Молодец!

  • mohamed ad dodi
    mohamed ad dodi

    Very nice 👌

  • Suraj Gurung
    Suraj Gurung

    I respect his hard work but one flood could destroy his hard work 😓 .

  • Richard Hillard
    Richard Hillard

    Really cool...!

  • BM ATX
    BM ATX

    Guess you poo in the woods

  • نهاد علي
    نهاد علي

    اكوعرب بطيارة

  • Your Tutor
    Your Tutor

    Respect, but its nlt granite he is carving

  • Namoo The Wood Projects
    Namoo The Wood Projects

    He doesn't show his front porch because all the debris .. 🤔

  • Brian Hughes
    Brian Hughes

    I feel really lazy

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Amezing skill👍

  • Ed A
    Ed A

    This made me want to get Rimworld

  • Bobby Hurst
    Bobby Hurst

    Just WoW!

  • Dicky Syahputra
    Dicky Syahputra

    Bukan followers primitif technologi

  • Bulaoker Yue
    Bulaoker Yue


  • Corazon Israel
    Corazon Israel


  • 마니햄한테이럴수있나

    ??? : I wanna move into an APT

  • Loli Impact
    Loli Impact


  • Saga Simp
    Saga Simp

    This guy's dexterity must be high, his wife must be happy

  • Alexander Kühn
    Alexander Kühn

    Sehr gut !

  • Sky Lo
    Sky Lo

    Wait til the government spots him. 😳. They will find a way to get their cut.

  • 叶无道


  • Kirin Peak
    Kirin Peak

    넌 인정

  • Regalado Cedillo
    Regalado Cedillo

    Doomsday preparation house.

  • Hoa Trương mỹ
    Hoa Trương mỹ

    nước ngầm :"😈"

  • chanwoo kim
    chanwoo kim

    나만 환경파괴로 보이나ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Tam Nguyen Manh
    Tam Nguyen Manh

    Sao anh gioi vay . That tuyet voi


    Minecraft IRL

  • Susan Taylor
    Susan Taylor

    Please come build my house for me!! Awsome carpenter craftsmanship!

  • Dev

    His wife should have checked his phone and this man never went home after that.

  • abdo71400

    كم استغرق هذا العمل وماهي مساحه البيت

  • Namoz vaqti
    Namoz vaqti

    Uzbekmisiz 🇺🇿

  • Alif Hil
    Alif Hil

    Anying musik nya kirain suara nyamuk

  • 잘생긴꾹이

    멋진 아파트는 어딨냐?

  • ad17 part2
    ad17 part2

    Kok g trend?

  • Bülent K
    Bülent K

    O kadar emek harcadı o güzelim yeri yine beton döktü daha doğal ve daha güzel olabilir di bence birde ev eşyaları çok bunaltıcı ve ruh sıkıcı 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Meshack Mwangage
    Meshack Mwangage

    Mans out here playing jonny without the sins, he's good in woodwork, Electrical work, construction work, design work


    This guy literally stole my idea!!😁

  • Megadronte


  • MS

    That man has some talent. That is some soft rock.

  • นายน้อยมู ตํานานเก่า
    นายน้อยมู ตํานานเก่า


  • James White
    James White

    Superman lives, what a man, a bloody genius I say, good luck to him.

  • Quang Vũ
    Quang Vũ

    A đù liều mạng

  • player 2
    player 2

    When you get exiled from south korea

  • Дмитрий К
    Дмитрий К

    На чьей земле он это копал?

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh

    What if it falls down in worried now😵

  • Jungdam LEE
    Jungdam LEE


  • خضير العراقي
    خضير العراقي

    شي جميل جدآ

  • hermawan broos
    hermawan broos

    He have all tools he need and he have skills also he have land. He is so awesome

  • Jungdam LEE
    Jungdam LEE


  • Mork Stork
    Mork Stork

    And he got all the tools at Harbor Freight....

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford

    And didn't have to go to Big lot's one single time

  • Frederick Winn
    Frederick Winn

    Cave Tech Apps

  • Firdaus R Akbar
    Firdaus R Akbar

    Back to the stone age, again, Flinstone

  • Felino Rubiano
    Felino Rubiano

    Nice engr!

  • Kieren Hudson
    Kieren Hudson

    @quantum tech hd can I get permission to upload this to my tiktok account please??? This genius work deserves to go viral!

  • obivannn

    this is cheating. he has clean clothes !!!

  • Pangku Kaki
    Pangku Kaki

    Sangat berbakat 🥰

  • Randy Ledford
    Randy Ledford

    Talk about dedication..

  • Diogines Pessoa
    Diogines Pessoa

    👏👏👏👏👏👍 ok

  • Dude...Are you sure??
    Dude...Are you sure??

    is it just e or does that material look a little too soft to be rock? it looks like hes cutting thru hardened sand or mud? solid rock has to be harder to cut thru than this...

  • Kieren Hudson
    Kieren Hudson

    This takes 'made in China' to the next level. Amazing job 👏

  • StoicNatsoc

    Return to monke. based

  • Evareslyson Juna
    Evareslyson Juna

    It is nice and creative but involved great risk to actually live there. For example it may collapsed when you were asleep. Not to mention there is no pillar to actually support it.

  • Abdelilah Eddrraze فن الرخام وسيراميك
    Abdelilah Eddrraze فن الرخام وسيراميك

    عمل رائع

  • alexey1983100

    Скоро Мишустин предложит ипотеку давать в горах!

  • 예찬하드페이싱

    환경파괴 그이상도 그이하도 아님

  • alexey1983100

    Нормальный ход!

  • Heinz Hinrichs
    Heinz Hinrichs

    Not "rock", compressed sediment of some sort.

  • C. I. A.
    C. I. A.

    *Minecraft Realism*

  • John Kwon
    John Kwon


  • george fulk
    george fulk

    The question is how long did it take to build?

  • Aby Amy
    Aby Amy

    Superman 👍🏼

  • Tran Huy
    Tran Huy

    Hay ma hoi pha hoai

  • Денис Буерашев
    Денис Буерашев